***Posting Rules*** Updated 11/28/2016

Come on in, introduce yourself, and meet the others.

***Posting Rules*** Updated 11/28/2016

Postby YourDailyGirl » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:58 pm

These will be updated as new issues arise, or we just realized we missed some topics.

General Posting Rules

1. Do NOT post anything that is hateful, threatening, or illegal!
1a. We will not tolerate ANY underage content, and we have your IP address, and it will be reported to law enforcement.
1b. Keep in mind if you are unsure if its a legal image, odds are it isn't, so don't post it.

2. Before you create a post, SEARCH! Duplicate posts will be deleted.
2a. In the "General Discussion" forum, use your best judgement with posting.
2aa. Since it involves topics such as sports, news, humor, etc... It might not make sense to use the same topics already created, and new topics make more sense in most cases. If we need to move the topic, we will do so, and just inform you why, otherwise, use your best judgement.
2b. When adding a new model/celeb, please make sure the topic is accurate.
- Correct Topic - Gisele Bundchen - VS Spring Bikini Line
- Incorrect Topic - Gisele Bundchen

3. Do not spam the boards with advertisements, promotions, or spam in general. You will get 1 warning before being banned.

4. Do not flood our forum, its not cool, and is highly annoying.

5. If our staff contacts you, do not ignore their message, odds are it is important, and we appreciate you acknowledging it.

6. Links to your own sites, are only allowed in your profile, info, or sig, do not post your own links in forum posts.

7. If you have any questions, please use the help section, do not PM site moderators for answers to these questions.

8. Do not be hateful towards anyone on the boards, be respectful of all, even if you disagree with what they are saying.

9. All posts must be in English.

Rules for Picture Posting

1. When posting any images, please search first and add to an existing post.

2. Please use either the NSFW/SFW topic icon when posting a new topic.

3. Use a creative title, be original, and be descriptive.

4. When posting images, you must use an image hosting service.
4a. Please only use from our preferred image hosts below.

Preferred Image Hosts:

If you like one that isn't here, let us know, and we'll look into it.
The idea is to prevent the use of shitty, ad filled, malware filled image sharers, as that's just pathetic.

5. Please be responsible when posting images.

6. Do NOT use any image host that requires payment to view the gallery, that post will be deleted.

7. Please report any posts using a different host, we will look into it, and possibly decide to allow that, or delete the post.

File Hosts
It should be noted that due to what happened with Megaupload, I am sure many file hosts will either shut down, or change how they operate, but for now, we will leave this as it is, and take action if needed.
1. If posting a file, do not use a pay service to host the file.

2. Please use only our preferred file hosts listed below.

Preferred File Hosts


3. If you see any other ones being used, please let us know, maybe we will decide to allow that service in the future.
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